About us

About us

Nepa Company is one of the Iranian engineering companies that is active in the implementation of construction projects and ancillary industries related to this field. Background Asian planners focus on providing advanced engineering services in the design and implementation of utility construction projects, power plant related buildings and other related services required in these industries. The initial core of the company has been formed by using experts and specialists and by creating appropriate management and specialized structures, the full responsibility of project consulting and engineering has been done.
Asia Maps Pardazan Engineering Company with 20 billion Rials registered capital and 25 years of experience and more than 100 permanent employees, most of whom are specialized staff in various fields, offers engineering services throughout Iran.

The company’s technical staff in the specialized fields of structure, architecture, electricity, mechanics, planning, project control, geotechnics, geology, hydraulics, hydromechanics, groundwater, water resources management, hydrology and sediment, meteorology, environment, mapping And surveying, transmission lines, towing, buildings and metering, soil and foundations, irrigation, drainage, agriculture, green space, commissioning, contracting and maintenance, control and protection, distribution, offshore structures, gas transmission networks, pumping stations And … are active.
Relying on the rich and valuable experiences gained from the implementation of numerous projects, Asia Maps Engineering Company is currently one of the most complete engineering companies in the field of construction industry in terms of specialized staff, technical-expert information and office facilities. And is ready to accept and implement complex industrial projects independently or in cooperation with consulting and manufacturing companies in all parts of Islamic Iran.


Nepa Engineering Company provides the following services in the implementation stages of its projects

Feasibility studies including feasibility studies
Feasibility studies (location) include network and load distribution studies, geology, geotechnics, environment, refueling, water resources, water transfer, access roads and more.
Project management, planning and control
Feasibility studies
Preliminary design, preparation of technical specifications and preparation of tender documents
Carrying out tender formalities, technical and financial review and evaluation, contract negotiations, preparation of technical-contractual documents
Conceptual, basic and detailed design
Design review and control
Technical inspection of construction and testing of equipment in manufacturing factories
High supervision and workshop on the execution of construction and installation works, installation, testing and commissioning until the final delivery stage
Providing engineering services during the operation and optimization of facilities and industries
MC playing the role of contract management in electricity, water, oil and gas industry projects based on up-to-date project management standards
Participation in B.O.O, B.O.T.
Execution of equipment supply process for development projects
Execution management of executive projects through the use of extensive supply chain
The goal of Asia Maps Engineering Company is to satisfy the employers by providing competitive proposals and by providing appropriate design and engineering services by creating convenience in three factors of quality, time and cost of the project. Commitment and deep attention to meeting the needs of employers is the main policy of Asian surveyors and is considered as an important principle by them.

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Visions and Missions

"Providing engineering services, management, logistics, high quality construction and becoming a leading construction company
Construction through the development of individuals and organizations Napa Sazeh and the use of new technologies with the aim of achieving comfort and
Calm and promote the spirituality of customers


Investment in the construction industry, mass and high-rise. Creating sustainable added value for shareholders and
Stakeholders through access to state-of-the-art technical knowledge, D&R promotion and development of long-term sustainable relationships with promotion priority
Culture of safety and environmental protection

Statement Of Value

Quality Construction

Pay attention to quality in engineering / construction services and gain a higher competitive advantage

Honest Service

Providing honest services - professionally and internationally

Great Values

Leading the way in achieving and promoting human values, applying environmental standards and presentation
Safe, durable, competitive and luxurious products and services

Nepa Slogan

We are committed to continuous improvement with respect to the environment and human values