Mehrgan Qazvin National Movement Project

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    Project of 294 units of Mehrgan Qazvin National Movement
    The project of 294 residential units of the National Movement Plan, which is located in the Mehrgan urban area of ​​Qazvin. The approximate area of ​​this project is 33,000 square meters, which has been implemented in two separate parts with 147 blocks, each block has two floors.
    The location of this project is located 15 kilometers from Qazvin towards Tehran in the new city of Mehrgan, where access to the main Tehran-Qazvin highway and proximity to Qazvin are among its advantages and features.
    The buildings consist of a two-story concrete structure, a porch, a front yard, a patio, and hard work with clay and a roof of block beams and unolite, and the facades of the buildings are a combination of brick, turquoise tile, and stone.

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