Eyvanki national housing movement project

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    Project to build 500 residential units
    Ivanki New City National Housing Movement Plan along with yard building

    The project is located in the northern slopes of Ivanki city and at the position of kilometer 65 of Tehran-Garmsar ring road, Ivanki new city, Imam Reza Boulevard, Valiasr Street, above Imam Mohammad Baqer Mosque, zones 25, 34, 6 and 26.
    The city of Ivanki is one of the oldest cities in Iran (with the names of Ivan Kief and Ivan Ki), the westernmost city of Semnan province and adjacent to Tehran province, which in terms of distance is from Damavand city in the north, Pakdasht city in the west, Garmsar city in the east and Garmsar city in the southwest. It is a short distance to Varamin, about 50 km, and access to many industrial towns.

    Project specifications
    This project consists of 250 plots and is north-south, and the entrance to the building is from inside the yard, each plot has two two-bedroom residential units with a common staircase and about 100 square meters of yard, which has suitable accesses in terms of urban planning. and conforms to the latest standard.
    The total infrastructure of the plots with common areas is about 60,000 square meters and the total area of ​​yard construction and green space is also 16 hectares according to the initial estimate of the contract, which has 20 square meters of backyard and about 80 square meters of entrance yard and uncovered parking.
    The structure of the project is a type of concrete bending frame, beam and foam roof and strip foundation, which was designed by the designers of this company and approved by Ivanki Imran Company and the Engineering System Organization of Semnan Province and is being implemented.
    The surrounding and separating walls are 20 cm thick and have UPVC windows with double-glazed glass and an anti-theft door, and the cooling system is water cooler and heating package and radiator.

    Contract specifications
    The contract of this project was concluded as a design and implementation (EPC) and tripartite between the builder, the client and the bank, and the expenses incurred are paid by the applicants and bank facilities.
    Technical and Executive Vice President of Omran Ivanki Company as the employer, architectural process consulting engineers as the supreme supervision, Bana Borj consulting engineers as the monitoring device (legal and licensing supervisor) and the supervisory team, workshop supervision and quality control unit (QC) of this company. They continuously monitor the process of executive operations.

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