Narenj 8 residential tower luxury project

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    Narenj residential tower 8
    The Narenj 8 residential tower luxury project is located in the 22nd district of Tehran. This tower is about 137 meters above the ground and has 120,000 square meters of infrastructure including 4 parking floors, 34 residential floors and 1 lobby and ground floor, which houses 407 residential units.
    In terms of location, this tower is located in the vicinity of the National Botanical Garden of Iran and in zone C of Chitgar region, and its location is such that it has easy access to the main arteries of west Tehran, i.e. from the south side of the Shahid Hamdani highway project and on the north side of the project to There is Shahid Kharazi highway for the residents of this tower.
    The new gate of Tehran is called the new gate of Tehran, which is placed on the 22nd district. This name is derived from the huge residential, commercial, medical, etc. projects that have been started in recent years and are still being built. This has made this area with Towering buildings and modern and unique commercial and entertainment centers have taken a different shape from other areas of Tehran. The importance of access to the main highways of Tehran and the exits from the city is an important concern for the residents of this area in the not too distant future, and the Narenj8 project has completely resolved this concern due to its location.
    Structure specifications
    This tower has a combined metal and concrete structure, the west side of the parking lot, which includes car ramps, is designed with a concrete structure and the main skeleton of the tower, and the north, south and east parts of the parking lot and the main part of the tower are designed with a metal skeleton. The approximate weight of the metal skeleton of this tower is about 11,000 tons, which is made in 10 four-story parts and is installed with bolt and nut connection and splicing face type. The design of the structure of this tower is a bracing system that guarantees the resistance of this structure against severe earthquakes. The structure of this tower was chosen as the best structure in the country in 1401 in the international conference on structure and steel in the field of residential buildings.

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    The Narenj 8 luxury project has the most up-to-date construction systems such as the notification and fire extinguishing system for all units and public spaces, the intelligent building management system using the 3D model of the building, the central engine house, the helicopter landing strip, and the cooling system. And it has central chiller heating, CCTV cameras, internal communication system of the units, central satellite antenna and complete and unique comfort facilities for its residents, including separate swimming pools for women and men, hypermarket, coffee shop, meeting hall, halls Multi-purpose, tea house, separate men’s and women’s gym, green space around the tower, garbage shooting, 6 elevator lines, car wash, etc. have distinguished themselves from other projects in the region.
    BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, abbreviated as BIM, is a technology that allows engineers and construction professionals to create, simulate and co-manage the design, construction and operation processes.
    Using BIM technology in the construction stages by creating a digital model of the building in all the available disciplines online by using the resident force in the construction workshop is a great help in predicting and solving the existing interferences, discovering and eliminating the defects of the consultant’s maps, producing maps. Highshop has been involved in structural, mechanical and electrical installations and solving many cases that require calling on ongoing operations at different stages. Another function of this technology is the accurate ordering of all materials used in construction, which minimizes the occurrence of mistakes in ordering. In addition to the construction stage, another aspect of the function of this technology emerges where it is possible to make changes in the arrangement of the furniture in the units individually and exclusively for the buyers due to the availability of the complete 3D model and the item that creates added value. This action is to use a 3D model during the operation phase of Naranj 8 Tower, which helps management agents in the event of a problem or accident, and even in case of changes in different parts of the tower, for which it is not possible to find a replacement.