The big project of Four Seasons Tower

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    Big project of Four Seasons Tower
    The largest integrated residential tower on the Caspian coast
    Forsisence beach tower is located on the green coast of the Caspian Sea and in the beautiful and touristic city of Sarkhrood in Marandran province, which leads from the east to the city of Faridunkanar, from the north to the Caspian coast, from the south to the city of Amel, and from the west to the city of Mahmudabad. At a distance of 215 km from the capital, it will be easily accessible through Haraz, Firouzkoh, Chalus and North Tehran highways. The idea of ​​using a staircase facade from the 13th to the 24th floor along with a very large U-shaped middle lobby is one of the attractive points of this project, which makes this project unique in the coastal strip due to the integrity of the entire tower. Other spaces include large swimming pools, sports clubs, laundry, garbage shooting, meeting halls, children’s gaming, etc.
    Possibilities and structural specifications
    More than 8,000 tons of rebar and 80,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete have been used in this huge concrete tower. The design of the structure is designed using a special bending frame method, which is specific to tall and resistant structures against severe earthquakes. The use of waffle roofs provides the ability to stylize and use large and unrestricted openings.

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