Narenj 8 luxury tower
The Narenj 8 tower project is one of the projects under construction in District 22, which has high facilities and construction quality
The big project of Four Seasons Tower
Parand national housing movement project
Eyvanki national housing movement project
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Praise and thanks be to Lord Manan, who in the shade of his infinite grace, the large family of Napaza was able to take an important step towards the main axis and basis of the company’s activities and as its highest goals, relying on the knowledge of experts, customer orientation, thinking and commitment. Reach out to the country’s engineering community to provide a suitable platform for the satisfaction of the stakeholders in line with business development with the growth and development of knowledge and experience of more than three decades of activity along with the creation of a calm and cooperative environment within the organization. By adhering to professional principles and ethics and benefiting from young and expert forces based on collective wisdom, this company has taken a step forward in productivity and synergy and will not fail in any effort and adherence to its professional and ethical principles.

Services of Nepasazeh Engineering Company

Technical-economic feasibility

Asia Mapping Company carries out feasibility studies by employing experts in the fields of engineering, project management, construction and implementation.

Feasibility (determining the location)

Another of our services includes network and load distribution studies, geology, geotechnics, environment, fuel supply, water resources, water transmission, access roads and other such cases.

Project management, planning and control

As one of the major contracting companies in the road and construction industry, we provide specialized management, planning and control services for construction projects.

Conceptual, basic and detailed design

The design and architecture unit of our company designs projects as one of the most dynamic parts of the organization.

Playing the role of MC contract management

Playing the role of contract management in electricity, water, oil and gas industry projects based on up-to-date project management standards.

Participation in projects B.O.O ، B.O.T

One of the pillars of Napasazeh company's services is participation in construction, acquisition and operation contracts, which are also called B.O.O contracts for short.

Our ongoing projects...

– Investment and construction of various construction projects

Clients of Nepasazeh Engineering Company